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Medellin Colombia Utilities

Medellin Antioquia Colombia Utilities

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Last Updated:4/12/15
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Utilities in Medellin are managed by EPM (Empresas Publicas de Medellin) including Electric, Water, Sewer, Garbage and Telephone (through EPM Telecommunicaciones, formerly Telefonica).

Utilities are priced according to a Strata Plan 1 through 6 with 1 being the lowest costs (in the barrios and poorer sections of town) and 6 being the most expensive in the wealthier parts of the city like Poblado.

Cable TV is provided by companies like Telmex and Une which bundles Cable TV, Internet and Local phone service.  Both companies bill through EPM.

Cable TV offerings are similar to the US with a basic package of cable channels (about 15 in English) and premium movie channels.  One channel of Cinemax usually is included in the basic cable package.

Internet service is priced in increments of MB with 4MB being the lowest up to 15.0MB.

Local Telephone service is sold in 100 minute per month increments. You may also sign up for an unlimited plan if you make a lot of local calls.

You may pay your utility bills in most banks and grocery stores (in specially designated check out lines) or at the customer service/return item areas. There is a 7 day grace period from the billing date to your payment date.  Beyond 7 days and there is a small penalty.  Over 30 days and your services are subject to disconnection.

I live in Strata 5; have basic cable (about 90 channels); 15Mb of internet bandwidth; an 200 minute per month phone plan; and gas;  My monthly average utility bill all inclusive is about $155 to $165.

How much was your electric bill alone last month? Utilities in Medellin are a good value.

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English speaking contact at UNE:  If you are ordering phone, internet or cable from UNE, it can be a very exasperating experience if you don't speak Spanish.  Call the main UNE number, 444-4141.  When the voice prompt starts, select Option #2, Option #2, Option #1, Option #2.  When they answer, ask for Eduardo Martinez.  They will connect you to him.  Very pleasant and very helpful individual.