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Last Updated:3/26/15
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Interested in some Trivia about Medellin and Colombia in general?

Medellin is a rapidly growing city by any standards.  In fact, it is one of the fastest growing cities percentage wise in all of Latin America.

CITY OF                       INHABITANTS
Medellin                          1,980,917
Bello                                  350,516
Itagui                                  243,069
Envigado                           150,945
Sabaneta                              35,938
La Estralla                            49,902
Caldas                                  69,955
Copacabana                         53,852
Giradota                               36,099
Barbosa                               37,251
Total                               3,008,344  June of 2012 Est at

Figures as of June 2007, Annual Population Growth of Greater Medellin

1905            65,547
1938          170,000
1964          410,000
1970       1,000,000
2000       3,008.344 (in 30 years it tripled in size)
As of June 2012, the population is estimated at 4.1 Million

Medellin is the 92nd most populous metropolitan area in the world.

Is it any wonder with population growth like this why there is such a building boom underway in Medellin.

As of June 2012, the Colombian Peso is the best performing currency in the world tracked by Bloomberg but has dropped in late 2014.

There are more high rise construction projects underway and approved in Medellin than NY, Philadelphia and Los Angeles combined;

Medellin Builders pour more concrete and steel into a building than their American counterparts for 2 reasons: 1) labor and materials are cheaper; 2) Builders in Colombia have a direct responsibility for any structural defects or repairs for 5 years after construction is completed.  There is no "errors and omissions" insurance available for builders.

Medellin has 2 Guinness Book of World Records:  Largest Outdoor Horse Parade; Largest Poetry Festival;

It is not in the book but they also have the largest collection of Botero Sculptures on public display in the world;

Medellin has the only Metro system in Colombia;

Medellin has more Universities per capita than any other Colombian city;

Medellin has the largest number of internet connections of any city in Colombia;

Medellin has the second largest number of casinos for any city with legalized gambling in Colombia and the two largest casinos in Colombia;

Air facts:

There are 334 flights per week flying on small aircraft from Medellin, CO.
The largest aircraft flying out of Medellin, CO is a 757 with 170 seats.
The longest flight from Medellin, CO is 2,379 miles.
Over 42,384 passengers can travel out of Medellin, CO every week.

Is the largest Textile manufacturing city in South America;

Pablo Escobar was once a member of the House of Representatives of Colombia. He was also listed by Forbes as the 7th wealthiest man in the world.

Colombia is the world's largest producer of mild washed arabica coffee, and 80% of that is grown on lands between Medellin and Bogota.

Colombia is the only major Latin American country that did not have to renegotiate its debt in the 1980's and has never defaulted on it's international debt.

During the 20th century, all Colombian presidents were elected democratically (only exception was a military regime from 1953-1957)

Starbucks used to be the largest buyer of Colombian coffee, then they bought the plantations to avoid the middlemen.

80% of the fresh cut flowers imported to the US come from Colombia.  60% of those come from in and around Medellin. Colombia is the second largest Flower Exporter in the world behind the Netherlands.

Colombia changed its name 7 times since achieving independence in 1819.

A Venezuelan, Francisco Miranda, designed the Colombian flag in 1806. The yellow (and largest stripe) symbolizes the natural riches of the country; the blue symbolizes the two oceans that border Colombia*; The red symbolizes the blood shed in it's fight for independence.(* many claim it is the only country in S. America that borders the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico.  Look at the map and decide for yourself!)

Social Security in Colombia only applies to Military personnel but you can buy private pension plans.

Military Service is mandatory for all 18 year old males but you can legitimately buy your way out of military service

Feminine beauty is considered very important, and the country celebrates it each January with the crowning of Miss Colombia. Apart from soccer, the Reinado de Belleza is the most popular sports event. Medellin has produced 6 Miss Colombias and 2 Miss Universe Semi Finalists. In 2015 Miss Colombia won the Mis Universe contest.

Avianca, Colombias National airlines, was the first commercial airline founded in the Américas (in 1919) and second in the world (behind British Airways, also in 1919).

The words to Colombia's anthem were written by a four time president of the nation. The anthem was first performed on November 11, 1887 and was officially adopted on July 4, 1946. Having eleven verses in total. It is played daily at 6:00PM by all local radio and TV stations.

Fernando Botero, the world famous Medellin artists and sculptor had 19 brothers and sisters.

Colombia has the highest bird species count of any country in the World, over 1905. It really is a must for any serious neotropical birder.

Shakira is known for having an IQ of 140.
According to the United World Chart, Shakira was as of 2007, the fourth most successful artist so far from the 2000's. She is also the only artist to have two songs in the top ten most successful singles since 1999.

The 2 largest casinos in the entire country of Colombia are
Casino Caribe and Gran Casino both found in Medellin

In Medellin, forty per cent of the city’s budget is invested in education and the results are evident: the city has the highest percentage of primary public education of the country.

The International Water Ski Federation (IWSF), is headquartered in Medellin, Colombia. It is the World Governing Body for this organized sport. Seventy seven national water ski federations are affiliated with the IWSF. There is only 1 lake in Medellin where you can ski. Lake Penol!

Colombia does not have the death penalty.

We are Trivia buffs so if you find interesting facts about Medellin and Colombia in general, send them our way and we will update this section of the site.

15 years ago, Colombia passed a temporary 4 peso per 1,000 tax on ATM withdrawls to help with banking and money laundering investigation programs.  It has never been repealed.
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