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Delta Wing
Horse Back Riding
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Let Medellin City Tours take you on a guided tour to all the hot night spots in Medellin, including, discos, clubs and Parque Lleras.  English speaking guides, English speaking private drivers.  Let us know what you want to do and leave the rest to us.
Botanical Tours
Botanical Tours.  Did you know 70% of the fresh cut flowers imported into the US come from Colombia?  Visit a flower growing finca and see how it is done.  Colombia also has some of the worlds most beautiful and largest variety of orchids.
Bird Watching and Photograqphy
At 1905, Colombia boasts the largest number of bird species of any country in the world.  A must for any avid neo - tropical birder or photography enthusiast.  You will be guided by a professional ornothologists to areas where you will have the highest probability of seeing the largest variety of species.  Bring your cameras.
Eco Tours
Enjoy escorted Eco tours by an English, Spanish and French speaking PHD in Anthropology to the famed Santa Helena indian trails or Cerro Tusa in Venecia, one of the worlds largest natural Pyramids with sacred indian burial sites.  Do a little spelunking in the many caves and climb the 800 meter pyramid to witness some of the most spectacular vistas you will ever see in your life.
Visit neighboring cities in the Bajo Cauca Region of Antioquia (Caceres, Caucasia, El Bagre, Nechi, Taraza, Zaragoza) the original Gold Route of Antioquia.
Bajo Cauca Region of Antioquia- The Route of Gold
Church in Caceras
Fishing is a Major Industry in this Region
Pan for Gold
Rain Forrests
Visit Cattle Ranches
Local Fishermen
The Uraba Region of Antioquia includes the cities of Apartadó  Arboletes  Carepa  Chigorodó  Murindó Mutatá  Necoclí  San Juan de Urabá  San Pedro de Urabá  Turbo Vigía del Fuerte .   A major agricultural region of Colombia known for it's bananas, cocoa and corn, it also boasts some of the most pristine, unspoiled, secluded Pacific coast beach fronts in the world.  Enjoying an average year round temperature of 28C and fertile river basin land it is an eco tourists dream.
Banana Plantations
Pristine Unspoiled Pacific Beaches and Warm waters
Fertile Murindo River Basin Land
Crystal Clear Pacific Waters Great for Diving
Vigia River Wilderness
The Region known as the Magdalena Medio area of Colombia is well known for it's excellent fishing and water sports. It is also the central area of petroleum production for Colombia and a major producer of flowers. It includes the towns of Caracoli, Maceo, Puerto Berrio, Puerto Nare, Puerto Trifuno, and Yondo.  Major ports for import/export of goods dot the Northern Atlantic coastline. It is one of the few regions of Colombia that has active freight railways.
Petroleum Refineries
Petroleum Port
Abandoned Rail Lines Serve as Local Transportation
Puerto Berrio
Puerto Berrio
Puerto Nare
Puerto Trifuno
The region known as the Region Norte consists of 18 smaller municipalities, many of them dating back to early colonial times. This area has been named the Ruta de Leche (milk) due to it's predominance in dairy and dairy product production. Largely agricultural in nature as many fruits and vegetables are grown in this area due to it's year round mild climate of between 16C to 18C. This area is widely known for it's rich religious heritage and boasts the Basílica Menor Del Señor de Los Milagros which date back to 1744 and has a replica of the Pieta. Scenic drives encompass beautiful country sides, rich vast farmlands and emerald mountains.
Dairy Farms Sprinkle the Countryside
Cattle and Dairy Farmers
Many Large Farms
Small Communities
Basílica Menor Del Señor de Los Milagros
Wide open spaces on the edge of the arid region of Colombia
many fruits and vegetables are grown in the Norte Region of Antioquia Colombia
The Region Occidente (west) region is best know for it's nearby town of Santa Fe de Antioquia (the original capitol of Antioquia), which is a well preserved city of colonial architecture. To get there, you will pass through the Fernando Gómez Martínez Tunnel which is the longest tunnel in Latin America at 4.6 miles.  This region is often referred to as the Route of Gold, Route of the Sun, Route of the Fruit, Route of Cauca Balconies, and Route of the Tourists, and is cut in half by the River Cauca. Included in this region are the municipalities of Abriaqui, Anza, Armenia, Buritica, Canasgordas, Caiceo, Dabeiba, Ebejico, Frontino, Giraldo, Heliconia, Liborina, Olaya, Peque, Sabanalarga, San Jeronimo, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Sopertran, Caicedo and Uramita.  Many Paisas head there on weekends to go to their Fincas or Finca Hotels. The weather is much warmer than Medellin and shorts are a common sight. There are many Hostels and Finca Hotels in this region.
Region Occidente Medellin Antioquia Colombia
The West Bridge, Santa Fe de Antioquia
Home of Early Settlers
Tunnel Entrance
Tunnel Exit
Old Camino Uses by Gold Miners
Sopetran, Antioquia Colombia
Occidente Region Panorama
Cauca River
Country roads off the main highway
Warmer climate causes many cactus to grow
Many Flowers and Fruits are grown in the Occidente Region
If you only have a couple of days to venture outside of Medellin, there is no further discussion required: Head East (Oriente Region). There are several places to enjoy, cultural offerings, beautiful natural landscapes and a wide range of hotels and restaurants makes this subregion area a must visit.

It has 16 ° C average temperature, is renowned for its agriculture and produces 35% of the country's energy thanks to its abundant reservoirs at Lake Penol.

The municipalities, recognized by their very attractive tourist sites, for the beauty of these alone, the majesty of the people and their customs will leave a lasting impression in your memories of your Medellin visit.

Abejorral, Aleandria, Argelia, Carmen de Viboral, Cocorna, Conception, El Penol, El Retiro, El Santuario, Granada, Guarne, Guatape, La Ceja, La Union, Marinilla, Narino, Rio Negro, San Carlos, San Francisco, Sal Luis, San Rafael San Vicente, Sonson.

West is the favorite weekend direction for most Paisas as well.
Splendor Cave
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