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Last Updated:3/26/15
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         Want to know the best way to get around Medellin?


   There are tourists and public service taxis for transportation services within and between the cities. There is a mimimum fare of about $2.50 (currently) and you can get to many places you need to go without going over the minimum.  Even a ride from Poblado to downtown will only cost about $5.00.  Most Medellin taxis are clean and in good running condition. Each taxi has a 3 letter and 3 number identification decal painted on the sides and tops.  It is a good idea to make a mental note of this number in case you leave something behind.  Many stores and supermarkets actually write the number on your receipt or slip of paper and hand it to you as you enter from the taxi queue.

You may also rent taxis by the hour (approx. $16) and they will take you around to visit various locales of interest.  They are also available for a daily or evening rate but you must negotiate that separately or just pay the hourly rate depending on the amount of time you expect to hire them.

   You will not find many English speaking taxi drivers, so a little
Spanish will go a long ways.  You can always write down your destination on a piece of paper and just hand it to the driver.  Most of them know their way around the city pretty well and certainly the main hotels, shopping malls and casinos.

   You may take a taxi from the airport (current published fare is $65,000COP) but it is advised to prearrange transportation through your hotel or Medellin Travel Guide.  We maintain a list of trusted, English speaking taxi drivers that will meet you with a sign and deliver you to your final destination.

You may either call a company for a radio dispatched taxi and they will send one for you or just hold out a hand, slightly, above your waist, shake your hand up and down and flag one down. At night, it is recommended to call a company.  They will give you the number of the cab that is being dispatched to meet you.  Compare the number and wave the cab on if it is not the correct one.

Teléfono: 235 71 71

Teléfono: 265 65 65

Teléfono: 361 64 64

Teléfono: 311 77 77

Teléfono: 331 11 11

Teléfono: 422 55 55

Teléfono: 513 00 00

Super Taxi  444-1111
Taxideal  2636635
CoodeTaxi 311-7777
Flota 361-6464
Tax 331-1111

Taxis are the easiest and most comfortable way for getting around Medellin up to a maximum of about 4 mid sized adults.  While they are driving, you can be taking in all the sights this city has to offer. If you have a larger group, touring vans are recommended.

Medellin Travel tips:

Make sure you check and if necessary, remind the driver to reset his meter from the previous fare;

Have small bills handy as they often times do not have much change;

No self respecting Paisa tips a taxi driver and the drivers themselves do not expect to be tipped.. If your fare is 4,950 COP and you want to let him keep the change from 5,000, that is OK. If your fare is 3,900 and you give him 5,000, wait for your change. The only other time it is acceptable is if he helps you out of the car with luggage, groceries or other purchases but not more than 500-1,000 pesos. Don't worry.  They will not think you are being cheap.  Quite the opposite in fact.  If you tip them, they will think you are being stupid!

Getting Around Medellin

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