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Last Updated:3/19/15
Parke Lleras


No visit to Medellin would be complete without at least trying to take in a Futbol game. It is the national sport and like many Latin American countries, the Colombians and Paisas take their Futbol very seriously.

There are currently 18 professional teams in the Colombian professional Futbol Association.

The two most popular teams in Medellin are DIM and Nacional;

The season begins in July and runs through December with playoffs concluding in February. Each of the 18 teams plays each other once with local rival teams playing a second game.

The Colombian National Team (also called "Los Cafeteros") have won the Copa America once in 2001 by beating Mexico 1 to 0 in the final. They are currently ranked in third place for the 2015 season. They also competed in the 2014 World Cup in Brasil and had a very good showing.

CD Independiente Medellin
CD C Athletico Nacional Medellin
Other Sports and Recreation:

Bull Fights-Part of the long time Colombian and Latin culture includes the annual Bull Fighting series that last for six weeks from January until mid February. Scheduled for January 16th to Feb 20th, 2015. Feria de la Taurina

The fights are held at
"La Macarena" Bull Fighting Court. It was renovated and upgraded with a retractable roof.

Tennis:  There are some excellent clay courts at Estadio (the stadium) with tennis camps and a full tennis store.
At Estadio you will find the best tennis store in Medellin called Liga de Tenis located at:
Liga Antioquenia de Tenis de Campo 
Calle 49 No.73 04
Mon - Fri 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sat 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cycling is also very popular in Medellin but be prepared for some serious hill training and challenges. Note:
Three times Tour de France stage winner Santiago Botero Echeverry was also born in Medellin.

Paragliding: Because Medellin is in a valley surrounded by mountains it is an excellent venue for paragliding with updrafts. This sport is becoming more and more popular with locals and visitors alike.

Paint Ball:
This new sport has hit Medellin with a bang (pun intended).  There are several paint ball courses and even intra country competitions are held here.

Jogging is popular through the tranquil neighborhoods of Poblado and surrounding cities.  Watch for large cracks and holes in the sidewalks.
Or, maybe you are a marathon runner?

Hiking Nature trails exist for the hiking enthusiast. The last Sunday of every month, the Institute for Sports and recreation schedules hiking trips to rural areas around Medellin. The small towns of San Cristobal, Palmitas, San Antonio de Prado, Santa Elena and Altavista are points of departure or arrival.  During the hike, which takes about 6 hours, you will climb hills and reach the highest points of the city.  You will also be able to appreciate the beauty of the city from these vantage points. In order to take part in this activity, you will need to call the Inder offices at 260-6611 about the point of departure and be there Sunday at 8:00AM. There is no cost for this activity and reservations are not required.

White Water Rafting In nearby La Pintada, you will find some nice class 2 to 3 rapids.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Diving (coastal towns)
Fishing (coastal towns)
Surfing (coastal towns)
Eco tours
Snow Skiing Andes Mountains
Water Skiing
Medellin is also known for its two main swimming teams which are Calamares Pilsen and Huracanes. 
Marathons- "get ready for some serious hill training"
Paintball in Medellin Antioquia Colombia
Partida San Pedro Km 6

White Water Rafting on the Cauca River
Lady Eye Web Designs
Rock Climbing
Delta Wing Flying
Hiking Nature Trails
Horseback Riding in the Countryside
Canopy Tours
Moto Cross
Sky Diving
Bingee Jumping
Wind Surfing