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In its early urbanization efforts, Medellins founding fathers realized the need for maintaining some public property for its citizens.  In Medellin, parks dot the city scape, many with fountains, statues*, benches to sit on and rest or just feed the birds. You may even get invited to join in a couple of games of checkers or chess with the local Paisa park goers.

There are several very unique parks and attractions as well including the Parque De Los Pies Descalzos (Park of Bare Feet).  Located behind the EPM building (Empresas Publicas de Medellin), the oriental atmosphere offers silence, peace and tranquility with a sand park, water fountains, a Zen garden, guada trees forests, wooden pillars and tables.  You are invited to remove your shoes and stroll along the small rocky walkways which results in an invigorating massage of your feet.  You are challenged to test your balance by stepping from post to post in the sandy area and afterwords to dip your feet into cascading water falls.  The park is surrounded by outdoor cafes and restaurants and guides are present to take you through and explain its origin and history.  Pretty unique and fun place to visit.  Your feet will certainly feel better after the experience. Not a bad place for a picnic either!

* Ed. Note: Speaking of statues, did you ever hear the urban legend about the relationship between the position of the horses hooves and the fate of its rider? As the legend goes, it seems if both horses hooves are on the ground, the rider did not die in battle; if one hoof is on the ground, the rider was injured in battle; if both hooves are off the ground, the rider died in battle. Well, if you want it straight from the horses mouth click here.

Parque de los Deseos (Park of Wishes) is another one that you should visit while staying in Medellin.  This park has been described as an "open space to observe the universe". It's main purpose is to get visitors to lie down and look at the stars.  Because of its closeness to the Planetarium, the Botanic Gardens and the University of Antioquia, the idea was to promote interest in the cosmos and to make science more popular. There is a solar clock made of concrete, a theater box where movies are shown, fountains with light shows, pools showing locations of galaxies, a huge open mall area gently sloped to allow for unobstructed views of the movies and more.  You can take in the Planetarium, the Botanical Gardens or pay a visit to the University of Antioquia:  Note: You can take your camera inside the university grounds but you must register it at the security gate.

Here is a good video posted on You Tube of Parque De Los Pies.

Other parks of interest:

Nuestra Senora De La Candelaria Basicila

San Antonio Park

Bolivar Park (in the heart of downtown along calle 53) adjacent to Metropolitan Catherdal Basilica(one of the largest brick churches in the world)

Cisneros Square (square of Light)

Parke Lleras A place to see and be seen in Poblado!

Parque de Explora-A magnificent scientific exposition complete with the largest aquarium in Latin America boasting over 1,000 species of marine life.  Well worth the visit.
Parke de Los Pies Descalzos
Parke de Los Pies Descalzos
Parke de Los Deseos
Parke de Los Deseos
Parke de Los Deseos reflecting pool
Sun Dial
Open air movie theater
Cisneros Square-Park of Lights
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The Bath
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El Centro Park
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Los Musicos
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Jardin Botanico-right across from Parque Explore is the cities botanical gardens.  Free admission and you will see some of the most beautiful orchids, ferns and plant life native to Colombia.  The air is incredibly fresh and clean even though it is in the heart of the city.
Parque de Deseos, Parque de Explore, Jardin Botanico, Parque Norte and the University of Antioquia sit on 4 corners of a city block and are within walking distance of one another.  You can plan a whole day and see them all without having to move around the city.  Any taxi can take you there or just hop on the metro and get off at the University station.
Parque Norte- sort of an amusement park with rides but pretty tame compared to US theme parks.  Located right behind Parque de Explora
Jardin Botanico Medellin