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Probably the first thing one thinks about art in Medellin is the famous Botero Plaza in El Centro, where numerous statues by the famed artist Fernando Botero are on display.  They are perhaps the most photographed statues in all of Colombia, drawing visitors and tourists daily to see these marvels by the famed artist. Botero is best know for his use of "The Fat Theme" in his characters and people.  Across the park from the Plaza is the Museo de Antioquia which holds many of Boteros paintings and other works along with many other famous Colombian Painters and artisans. Botero donated the statues to the "People of Medellin".

The Museum of Modern Art located at Cr. 64 No 51 64 Tel. 230 2622 is another local popular venue for the art enthusiast. Bi annually, they sponsor the International Video Exposition and workshop for children. In addition, the Museum has an extensive library of modern art books, plus a theater seating 220 providing regular showings of cinematographic works of modern art. There are English speaking guides.

The University of Antioquia also has distinctive artworks on display including numerous pre Colombian works of art in gold and other mediums.

There are numerous art galleries, especially in and around the Zona Rosa area of Poblado.  You can see works of art being created by local Paisas.  You can also see local artists working in Parke Lleras and nearby art studios on Calle 9.  You can actually watch them work while enjoying a coffee or lunch near the park.

The Anthropological Museum boasts a large collection of Pre Colombian pieces.

A more or less complete list of museums offered by the Department gives an idea of the heritage of Antioquia in terms of their historic cultural memory:
·Casa de los Abuelos  Museo Folclórico Casa de los Abuelos Folk Museum
·Casa Museo Fernando González “Otraparte" House Museum Fernando Gonzalez "Otraparte"
·Casa Museo Maestro Pedro Nel Gómez House Museum Teacher Pedro Nel Gomez
·Casa Museo Santafé House Museum Santafé
·Casa Museo y Pueblito Paisa de la Hacienda Fizebad House Museum and Pueblito Paisa of Finance Fizebad
·Casa Natal de José María y Salvador Córdoba Casa Natal de José María Córdoba and Savior
·Casa Natal de Marco Fidel Suárez Casa Natal de Marco Fidel Suarez
·Colección Filatélica Philatelic Collection
·Galería Jesús María Cardona Gallery Jesus Maria Cardona
·Museo Antropológico de la Diócesis de Apartadó Anthropological Museum of the Diocese of Apartadó
·Museo Arqueológico Casa de la Cultura Pedro Justo Berrío Archaeological Museum House of Culture Pedro Justo Berrío
·Museo Arqueológico del Suroeste (Masur) Archaeological Museum of the Southwest (Masur)
·Museo Colonial Juan del Corral Colonial Museum Juan del Corral
·Museo Cultural Porfirio Barba Jacob Cultural Museum Porfirio Barba Jacob
·Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín Museum of Modern Art in Medellin
·Museo de Arte Religioso de Jericó Museum of Religious Art of Jericho
·Museo de Arte Religioso de la Catedral de San Nicolás Museum of Religious Art of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas
·Museo de Arte Religioso Francisco Cristóbal Toro Museum of Religious Art Cristobal Francisco Toro
·Museo de Arte Religioso Tiberio de J. Museum of Religious Art by J. Tiberio Salazar y Herrera Salazar and Herrera
·Museo de Artes y Tradiciones de Pueblorrico   Casa de la Cultura Joaquín López Gaviria Museum of Arts and Traditions of Pueblorrico-Casa de la Cultura Joaquin Lopez Gaviria
·Museo de la Cerámica Museum of Ceramics
·Museo del Fundador y Sala Museo Histórico de la Comunidad Hijas de Nuestra Señora de las Misericordias Museum Founder and Sala-Museo Historic Community Daughters of Our Lady of the mercies
·Museo del Hombre del Darién Museum of Man Darien
·Museo Diocesano Monseñor Miguel Ángel Builes Diocesan Museum Monsignor Miguel Angel Builes
·Museo El Castillo Diego Echavarría The Castle Museum Diego Echavarría
·Museo Etnográfico   Casa Misionera de las Hermanas Teresitas Ethnographic Museum House of the Missionary Sisters Teresitas
·Museo Etnográfico Madre Laura Mother Laura Ethnographic Museum
·Museo Etnográfico Miguel Ángel Builes Ethnographic Museum Michelangelo Builes
·Museo Filatélico de Medellín Philatelic Museum of Medellin
·Museo Guillermo Zuluaga Montecristo Museum Guillermo Zuluaga "Montecristo"
·Museo Histórico Casa de la Convención de Rionegro Historical Museum House Convention Rionegro
·Museo Histórico de Antioquía Historical Museum of Antioch
·Museo Histórico de Entrerríos Historical Museum of Entrerríos
·Museo Histórico Parroquial Presbítero Eufrasio Rojas Historical Museum Parish Presbytery Eufrasio Rojas
·Museo Histórico y Arqueológico de Marinilla Historical Museum and Archaeological Marinilla
·Museo Mauricio Cuervo   Casa de la Cultura Cristóbal Patiño Osorio Mauritius Crow Museum House of Culture Cristobal Patino Osorio
·Museo Municipal de Historia y Asentamientos Indígenas de Necoclí Municipal Museum of History and Settlements Indigenous Necoclí
·Museo Tradicional Monseñor Juan N. Traditional Museum Monsignor Juan N. Rueda
·Planetario de Medellin Planetarium Medellin
·Pueblito Paisa y Parque de las Esculturas Pueblito Paisa and Park of Sculptures
·Sala Arqueológica Casa de la Cultura Julio César García Chamber Arqueológica Casa of Culture Julio Cesar Garcia
·Sala Museo Casa de la Cultura Porfirio Barba Jacob Sala-Museo Casa de la Cultura Porfirio Barba Jacob
·Sala Museo del Changón - IV Brigada del ejército Nacional Sala-Museo of Changón Fourth Brigade of the Army National
·Sala Museo Hipólito J. Sala Museo Hipolito J. Cárdenas Cardenas
·Sala Museo Historia del Ferrocarril de Antioquia Sala Museo History Railroad Antioquia
·Sala Museo José María Córdoba Sala Museo Jose Maria Cordoba
·Sala Museo Nacional de la Cabuya Casa de la Cultura de Guarne Sala Museo National Cabuya-the Casa de la Cultura de Guarne
·Sala Museo Rómulo Carvajal Sala Museo Romulo Carvajal

For a large collection of Botero and other Colombian Artists works, visit

The International Poetry Festival of Medellin (Festival de Poesia) is billed as the worlds largest Poetry Festival. Already 740 poets from 134 countries from all parts of the world have read their poems in some thirty languages before the most massive poetry audience in the world. Usually held in July of each year, it is widely attended by locals and visitors to Medellin

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