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Medellin Colombia Metro

Medellin Colombia Metro Transportation

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Last Updated:4/22/16
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Medellin Metro

The Metro de Medellín is the only metro system in Colombia. It crosses the Metropolitan Area of Medellín from North to South and from El Centro to West. As one of the first experiences of modern massive transportation in Colombia, the Metro of Medellín belongs to the urban planning of Antioquia, The City of Medellin and its urban complex is a city with a rapidly expanding industrial development that began in the 1930’s and continues to expand today.  The company known in Spanish as Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá  Metro de Medellín Ltda. Was created on May 31st, 1979.

The railway history in Medellin is rich in both success and failure.  Gold based trade, soon followed by coffee, was bolstered thanks to the Antioquia Railroad that was built in  the 19th century and connected Medellin with Bogota, Cali and the caribbean town of Littoral.

Throughout the Thousand Days War (1899-1902) all progress on the railway came to a halt and the famous Ferrocarriles de Antioquia (The Antioquia’s Railways) fell into a pitiful decline. Today it is only remembered by the so called towns of the train.

In 1984 the City started construction of the Metro and 11 years later on November 30, 1995, the metro began its first operation on Line A Viaduct between Poblado and Niquia stations. Soon afterwards, the remaining lines were opened.  After operations were fully underway, campaigns focused on proper behavior and the care to be taken of the trains and stations themselves.  In 2004, Metrocable was inaugurated: an aerial tramway which goes up the steep slopes of the north east zones along Calle 107.  This system benefits 150 thousand inhabitants of communes 1 and 2 and indirectly 350 thousand inhabitants of the northeastern area where many working class people live.  The system is totally incorporated into the metro and people only need one ticket to use both facilities. In the same way the Antioquia’s Railways did a Century ago, the Metro of Medellín became an important social, cultural and developmental statement of one of the most important cities of Colombia.

The speedy urban growth of the city, especially since the 1960’s, has filled the entire Aburrá Valley and made other towns touch their borders: Bello, Copocabana, Giradota, Barbosa, Envigado, Itagüí, San Antonio de Prado, La Estrella, Sabaneta, and Caldas, among others. It put the city in the front of the national economy and compelled local leaders to think more as an industrial city rather than a provincial one.

In 1995, the Metro of Medellín had 25 stations: 19 in the Line A and 6 in the Line B (one of transference). In 2004, Line K  (metro Cable) began operation with 4 stations (one of transference)Line J was inaugurated in November 2007 with 4 stations (one of transference). (See Medellin Metro map below)

As of 2004, there were 28 stations. 3 new stations were added in 2007. Two new Cable sections were opened in 2009.
Map of the system below.

Types of Tickets:

·Single (one way);
·Par (two or round trip);
·10 trip;
·student 10 trip;
·25 trip
·Golden 25 trip (over 60 years old)

You may buy tickets:
·at all station ticket offices, here you pay cash;
·Ticket machines called Arturitos, singles and 10      ticket;
·Almaceos, Exito and Consumo supermarkets;

How to board:
· Must place your ticket in a turnstile.  Single ticket is kept by the machine; Multiple ticket is returned minus 1 trip;
· Determine the direction you are going;
· Stand on that platform until the train arrives and the doors are opened;
·It is common courtesy to let the  passengers leaving the train, to get off first;

Other helpful hints:
·No smoking is allowed;
·No pets are allowed;
·Be courteous and offer your seat to the elderly, handicapped, people carrying children and pregnant women if all other seats are full;
·Keep your ticket in good condition so the machine can easily accept it;

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Medellin Metro
Medellin Metro
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Several new additions to the Metro Cable have been added in 2010 and 2011 that link neighboring communities and parks with the Medellin Metro.
It is a great way to see the entire city in a few short hours. Let Medellin City Tours show you the way.
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Medellin Metro