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Medellin Antioquia Colombia Malls

Medellin Colombia Shopping Malls

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Last Updated:4/22/16
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There are a number of very upscale malls (called Centro Commercial de_______ ) in Medellin that would rival any Mall in the US.

The best known are: Santa Fe-Newest El Poblado Mall

Av El Poblado Cr 43 A # 6 S 15

One of Medellin Oldest malls, it was completely renovated and is now considered one of the best malls in town. It has over 285 stores, parking for 1,500 cars, 8 cinemas and a food court with over 30 restaurants.

Centro Comercial Camino Real
Cr 47 No 52 86  231 4612

Located in the heart of downtown Medellin they boast 140 stores and commercial businesses.

Parque Comercial El Tesoro
Cr 25A No. 1 A Sur 45  321 1010

This very upscale Mall in Tesoro has 130 stores, 10 cinemas, three food courts,a billards parlor, new and used auto sales, banks, casino, corporations, 24 escalators, a childrens amusement park, furniture stores, a Body Tech Gym and more.

Centro Comercial Plazuelas de San Diego
Cl 33 No 43 16  Phone: 262 0105
A sprawling mall covering several blocks, with 185 stores, numerous commercial business operations and medical offices, food courts and an Exito Supermarket inside.  The Rio Casino is located right next door.

Unicentro Shopping Mall
Cr 66B No 34A 76  265 1116
Besides the typical stores and commercial operations, theaters, restaurants, children's play areas and small shops, Unicentro also has over 3 km of botanical gardens that are well maintained on the inside.

Cl 10 No. 32 115 - 276 51 94
Located in the Zona Rosa, Vizcaya is one of the newer malls in town with a unique Fashion Square, food courts, cinemas, banks and a Body Tech Gym.

Centro Comercial Villanueva
Cl 57 No. 49 44 - 251 03 66
Located in a building considered to be an historic architectural site, it has 108 stores, and auditorium, banks, exchange bureaus, parcel delivery and money order services and food courts. It was formerly a convention center that was renovated into a mall.

Centro Comercial Mayorca
Cl 51 Sur No. 48 57 - 373 03 35
An outlet mall with food courts, cinemas and furniture stores.

Centro Comercial Monterrey
Cr 48 No. 10 45 - 268 01 00
Best known for being a technology center for anything to do with computers, it also has a number of low priced clothing stores, cinemas, banks, food court and a bowling alley plus one of the best legitimate massage places in Medellin!

Oviedo Mall Entrance
Centro Comercial El Tessoro
Centro Comercial Camino Real
Centro Comercial Villanueva
Centro Comercial Monterrey
Centro Comercial Premium Plaza
Calle 30
One of Medellins newest Centro Comercial between Ave. Poblado and Calle 30 1 block south of San Diego.
Centro Comercial San Diego
Medellin Sights
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Centro Comercial Santa Fe-Av Poblado and Los Balsos-Probably the newest and most talked about mall in the heart of El Poblado.  Has all the upscale stores of the other major malls plus a few more. Only complaint I have heard is that access is a little difficult and parking expensive.  Why would a mall trying to attract customers for it's tenants charge for parking?  Because they can!
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