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Interested in having some Medical or Dental work done at a fraction of the cost when you visit Medellin? New Hospital completed at Rio Negro targeted at Medical Tourism.

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Is Laser Teeth Whitening Popular for Medellin Visitors?

You bet it is!  Think...$$$$ Savings!!

It seems that the desire for whiter teeth has been the source for an incredible amount of research in recent years, because the new developments just keep on coming. The fact is, that now more than ever you can have an effect on the color and brightness of your smile and just how much is really up to you.

The latest technology to hit the dentist office for teeth whitening is called Zoom laser and it sounds like space age technology. The fact is, that it is space age technology but don't worry because it is perfectly painless, because the laser that is used is far less powerful then lasers you may have seen demonstrated on TV programs.

What are the benefits of a Zoom laser treatment and with so many whitening treatment options already available is this new one really necessary? The fact is that Zoom laser teeth whitening is no gimmick and it has some added benefits that other treatments just don't offer.

To begin with, it is much faster and can be done in as little time as one hour in a dentist office that offers Zoom teeth whitening treatments. In that one hour your teeth can be whitened by as much as six shades, which is the same amount of brightening that other conventional treatments require several hours to achieve.

Because it is so much faster than other whitening treatments it is less costly as well. With Zoom laser teeth whitening it is actually possible to have your teeth whitened on your lunch break if you really wanted to.

Over the counter teeth whitening strips can take up to thirty days to show any result and even then it will only be one shade at best. This means that when you add up the total cost of a few months supply of teeth whitening strips it is comparative to one Zoom laser treatment that gives six shades of whitening in just one hour.
Medical Tourism To South America
Medical tourism is a fact of modern life. As the cost of medical procedures continue to soar in the developed world more and more people are forced to find less expensive medical treatment. Some try unorthodox medical treatments with varying degrees of success. However for many only an accredited medical facility will do. If that medical facility happens to be in another country then so be it. Those seeking
cosmetic surgery look all over the world trying to find medical treatments they can afford. Some consider Asia or Eastern Europe, but for a growing number of people their medical tourism takes them to South America.

There are several countries in South America that are common destinations for medical tourists. They include places like Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay. All these
South American countries have skilled, well-trained, certified medical professionals who do excellent work. Many of them have gone to good medical schools and could be practicing in one of the developed countries. For any number of reasons they have decided to practice in South America and the medical tourists are glad of it. In South America cosmetic surgery and liposuction cost a lot less than they do almost any place else.

There are many dangers associated with medical tourism. Some doctors and medical facilities in other countries are very different than in North America or Western Europe. In some places the operating room is not as sterile as many would like. The language barrier can lead to a variety of problems. It can sometimes lead to misunderstandings before, during and after surgery. Most people find ways around it, are able to reduce their liposuction cost, have excellent work done and go home happy.

Medical tourism is frowned upon in many circles. Many raise questions about the training and certification of the medical professionals, malpractice insurance and what legal leg a medical tourist has to stand on should something go wrong. There are concerns about the age of the technologies the doctors in South America may use and the efficacy of the drugs involved in the procedures. But for people who desperately need help and cannot afford to pay the premium prices many North American or Western European medical facilities charge, medical tourism to Medellin remains a viable option. Do research on the doctors and facilities, take an interpreter and go get the procedure you want or need.
It's not just that 100 million Americans will reach retirement age over the next 30 years, and growing numbers of them won't be able to afford the ever rising U.S. health care costs even with an Obama Care replacement.  Americans already are traveling to Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina and Chile, among other countries, for heart operations, cosmetic surgery or dental work at half price, and with more personalized attention. Also, many US health insurance companies will not cover many elective surgeries.

Physicians in Medellin Colombia have been treating patients from all over the world for years, especially for cosmetic and eye surgery. Colombia has also become a recognized provider of advanced cardiovascular and transplant surgery. What often compels people to seek transplant surgery offshore is not only cost considerations, but waiting lists (such as in the U.S.) or the lack of an organized organ inventory and donor system in their home country. Colombia has such an organ donor and banking system which makes organs available to foreigners with certain legal restrictions. All Colombians are considered organ transplant donors unless otherwise documented.