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Medellin Colombia Personal Guides

Medellin Colombia Personal Guides

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Last Updated:1/15/16
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Would you like somebody to show you around Medellin?

We are talking about real English speaking people here and not books or internet web sites!

Many Medellin visitors prefer the services of a guide to show them around the city and serve as an interpreter. 

For many, not speaking the local language is a barrier to enjoying their visit to Medellin while for others, concern for security and not wandering into areas they should not be in is the driving force.

There is a lot to see and do in Medellin including visiting parks, museums, recreational areas, sporting events, bull fights (in Jan and Feb), attending the Annual Medellin Flower Festival, Medellin Christmas Lighting, shopping in local Medellin Malls and a very thriving Medellin Nightlife Thursdays through Saturdays.

Most guides charge by the hour plus transportation or have their own car, consumption and any entrance fees.  Some can serve as  private security and some may be licensed to carry firearms if you are looking for that type of a personal security guard. Some will even go on dates with you and your Medellin girl friend to serve as an interpreter.

Many can be on call 24 hours per day or be available to make visits outside the city with you.

If this is your first visit to medellin and you plan to "go it alone" or have security concerns because of the history of the city, perhaps a personal guide is just what the doctor ordered for your Medellin Vacation. Maybe for the first day or two anyway, until you get a feel for the city.
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Medellin Travel Guide recommends Medellin City Tours for everything from airport pick arrivals to tours of Medellin and surrounding cities.  Try their night life tours if you want to do a  little partying "paisa style" when you visit Medellin Colombia.
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