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Last Updated:5/10/16
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What is the best time to visit Medellin?

Even though there always seems to be something going on in Medellin, without a doubt, the three biggest events in Medellin each year are;
- Colombiamoda International Fashion Show;
-The Annual Flower Festival La Feria de las Flores, Usually starts the last week of July
-The Annual Christmas Lighting Los Alumbrados

  January   Colombiatex An event devoted to Medellins textile industry;  La Macarena bull ring, the only roofed bullring in the continent. Medellins Feria Taurina de la Candelaria (bullfighting fair).  Located at La Macarena Stadium from 3:30 PM every Saturday for six weeks. XIX Feria Taurina de la Macarena , Medellín 2010 (enero 30)
Matadors from all over the world come to Medellin to show off their skills and the party spills over to local bars, restaurants and the Zona Rosa.

February   Medellin is a Bargain;
It is the best time to buy products of the best brands in all the malls and shopping centers. They all have super sales underway during the month.

March International Orchids Exhibition; The Botanical Gardens are adorned with species of the Colombian National Flower brought by National and International growers.

April  Eurocine  At Centro Colombo Americano and the Museum of Modern Art representative movies of European cinematography.  It is the Medellin Film Festival (like Cannes) at it's best with producers from all over South America and Europe in attendance. Holy Week (Semana Santa)City celebrates Holy week with processions and services.

May   The Palacio de Exposiciones hosts representatives from all over the country that promote typical products of their regions. Mulada Enorme:  An 11 day walk by Muleteers recognizing the history of the colony and provides help to needy and displaced people.  It ends in a large celebration.

June   International Festival of Poetry Sponsored by Prometeo magazine, poets from five continents come to Medellin to share their work with the public. Annual Tango Festival. Camponeado Internacional de Tango-Last Week of June.

July  International Jazz Fest Jazz musicians from all over the world perform open air at El Tesoro Mall and Café Theatro. Colombiamoda (July 26th to the 28st, 2011). It is the most important annual fashion event in all of South America attended by thousands from all over the world.  International Poetry Festival.  Held in the open air Carlos Vieco Theater on Mt. Nutibara, this event is attended by poets from over 50 countries and lasts for 10 days. It is considered to be the most massive poetry audience in the world.

August   Flower Festival; A 53 year old tradition in Medellin that lasts for 10 days.  Antique auto parade, Cabalgata (horse parade), desfile de los silleteros parade, arts, crafts, concerts, botanical and orchid displays and more.  The whole city is in party mode for the entire time.

September  Book Fair National and international writers. The Book Fair is one of the most important cultural events in Colombia

October  Salud Colombia Medellins leadership in science and medicine are represented at this exhibition.  They are some of the best in the world.

November  International Horse Fair Welcoming thousands of equestrian activities, this fair confirms Medellin as one of the equestrian capitals of the world. International Tourism Fair.

December Medellin Christmas Lighting (Los Alumbrados) The Medellin River, La Playa Avenida, Nutibara Hill and other parts of the city put on one of the most spectacular light displays in the world.  Every year the theme changes. There are reviewing stands all along the river where the largest displays are open to the public for viewing.
Must see!

These of course are only the “official” Calendar of Events entries. It seems like every month there is a holiday or two of some kind happening in the city.  The local Paisas take great pride in celebrating all of them (even if most of them can’t tell you what the holiday is for) and do they ever celebrate! Suffice to say, Medellin is a party (rhumba) town. For Current Events visit;

Note: On official holidays many places are closed including all Government offices.  Many families go to their Fincas (farms) for weekend celebrations.  Do not expect a lot to get done on the day after a holiday.

Colombian Holidays

Below are listed Public Holidays for 2014

Note:  Want to have some fun?  Just ask any Paisa what the significance is of any holiday.  They will know Christmas, New Years, Easter and Independence day but few if any will know the others.  All they care about is that it is a day they do not have to work or go to school and they have an extra long weekend to party.  Many will leave Medellin on long holiday weekends to go to their fincas with friends and family.  It is like a huge exodus!

- Colombiamoda
- Flower Festival
- Christmas Lighting
Most Medellin Accommodations will add a 20% surcharge during events like Feria de Las Flores, Colombiamoda, Colombiatex, all of December and other major holidays.
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What are the 2013 Colombian Holidays?  They are Listed Below
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