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Last Updated:12/27/15
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The $4.4 trillion a year travel and tourism industry has in recent years become the world's largest industry, bigger than defense, manufacturing, oil and agriculture sectors. In many countries, Health and Medical Tourism is becoming an increasingly growing portion of the travel and tourism sector.  Due to Colombia’s relatively low costs and high quality private health services, Health Tourism will become one of it's biggest industries in the 21st century.  According to the World Bank; ……Private health services in Colombia have comparative advantages over the Caribbean due to the low costs of medical and paramedical personnel, the availability of high technology equipment, and facilities which in some cases have good international reputations.  Moreover, modern hospital administrative systems and quality assurance programs are being developed to make these services more attractive to the US market. excerpts from the World Bank report, entitled:  Prospects for Health Tourism Exports for the English Speaking Caribbean.)

As more and more baby boomers enter their retirement years, there is going to be an increasing demand for affordable health care services.  A little nip here, a little tuck there, to preserve the youthful lifestyles they will expect to enjoy.

The most common treatments are cosmetic surgery, refractive surgery, transplants and treatments for heart ailments and cancer. Transplants have an additional promoting factor because according to law, every Colombian is a potential organ donor unless they have documented otherwise. Most hospitals and clinics have English speaking people to assist foreigners.

Medical Tourism To South America

Medical tourism is a fact of modern life. As the cost of medical procedures continue to soar in the developed world more and more people are forced to find less expensive medical treatment. Some try unorthodox medical treatments with varying degrees of success. However for many only an accredited medical facility will do. If that medical facility happens to be in another country then so be it. Those seeking
cosmetic surgery look all over the world trying to find medical treatments they can afford. Some consider Asia or Eastern Europe, but for a growing number of people their medical tourism takes them to South America.

There are several countries in South America that are common destinations for medical tourists. They include places like Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay. All these
South American countries have skilled, well-trained, certified medical professionals who do excellent work. Many of them have gone to good medical schools and could be practicing in one of the developed countries. For any number of reasons they have decided to practice in South America and the medical tourists are glad of it. In South America cosmetic surgery and liposuction cost a lot less than they do almost any place else.

There are many dangers associated with medical tourism. Some doctors and medical facilities in other countries are very different than in North America or Western Europe. In some places the operating room is not as sterile as many would like. The language barrier can lead to a variety of problems. It can sometimes lead to misunderstandings before, during and after surgery. Most people find ways around it, are able to reduce their liposuction cost, have excellent work done and go home happy.

Disclaimer: Physicians listed on these pages are recommendations of our membership and readers.  Medellin Travel Guide is not responsible for the quality of services provided by or the qualifications of any physician listed on this site.

See Physicians Listed below:
GP's and ER Doctors:

Dr. Maurico Arias
Clinica Las Vegas
Mobile: 300 775 72 62

Mauricio is a trained GP and ER Physician.  You may call him 24 hours per day, directly on his cell phone.  He speaks excellent English and can assist you with your medical needs or refer you to a specialists if needed.


Dra. Maria Stella Mantilla Caballero
Universidad Javeriana, CES, University of Iowa
Surgical Dermatology, Skin Cancer
English speaking MD.

Dra. Maria Clara Mejia Escalante
Edificio Torre Intermedica
Calle 7 No:39-197 Ste. 1414

General Practicioners:

Dr. Claudia Andrea Hernandez Vargas
Cell 312-851-5470
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Dr. Mauricio Arias, English speaking Medellin GP Doctor
Laser Teeth Whitening
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