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Last Updated:12/17/15
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What is your favorite Medellin night spot?

Bring your party/club shirts and dancing shoes because you are getting ready for the experience of a lietime when you visit a Medellin Disco. It is Medellin Nightlife at its best.

From Thursday to Saturday night, Medellin turns on the party lights, cranks up the music, breaks the seals on a few (well, a lot) bottles of rum, Aguardiente and beer, puts on their dancing shoes and goes to a local disco.  Most are huge old renovated warehouses capable of holding hundreds of people. Almost all have a theme, DJ's, huge sound systems and speakers, light shows, and frequent theme parties.

Many have professional dancers that put on choreographed dance shows throughout the night (in some cases, it is worth going just to watch the dancers).

Get ready to see people (especially girls) dancing on the bars, on top of tables, in the aisles with friends, guys or sometimes just by themselves.

Get ready to see tons of gorgeous Medellin Girls, dressed in skimpy (if not downright revealing) fashionable clothing exposing a lot of cleavage (a lot of it enhanced). Video:

Get ready to have your ears blasted with the latest Reggaeton, Salsa, Electronica and Crossover music.  Get ready to have your eyes dazzled by laser light shows, strobe lights, smoke machines and gorgeous dancers.  Get reay to spend the evening in a  loud noisy disco with hundreds of locals getting progressively drunker as the night wears on.

Take a nap in the afternoon because the discos do not even get started until after 10:00PM at night and stay open until 3 to 4 and 5AM....still going strong!

Get ready because you have to experience it at least once during your visit.

Discos by area:

Zona Sur (Envigado, Sabaneta);
La Capilla, Canalón, Canabrava, Mambo, Puebla, Mr. Slava, Condominio, Natural, La Tequilera, San Fermin, El Rincón Mexicano;

Canalón Bar y Carbón Sabaneta
Vía La Doctora
Tel. 288 7408

Km 2 Vía La Doctora
Tel 288 0349

Ciénaga Bar Envigado Vía Sabaneta
Cra 43A # 49 sur 11

La Capilla Sabaneta
Vía La Doctora
Tel. 288 1254

Mambo Sabaneta
Next to the Bomba de Texaco
TEl. 288 8176

Puebla Sabaneta
Entrada por la Mayoría
Tel. 301 5073

San Fermin New Disco
La Estrella

Santhelmo Bar Envigado Vía Sabaneta
Cra 43A # 49 sur 13
Tel. 331 0867

Charles de Gaulle
Carrera 42 No. 33B sur - 44
French Theme.  Large Dance area and comfortable seating.  Balcony affords a good view of the dance floor.

Condominio Fonda Bar
Calle 77 # 34 - 141
Up from the Universidad CEIPA
Tel 301 3818

Zona Rosa (Poblado-Lleras)
             More Info Soon
Vox Cr 41 # 9 22

Calle 10 at the corner of Cra 40 
entrance to Parque lleras

Cl 10 40 - 20

Oz by Triada
Cr38 8 - 08 Piso 2

Cr 38 8 - 08 Piso 3

Moon (Video on YouTube)
Cll 10
Parque Lleras

Moon has closed and has re-opened as Red (means Network in Esp.)

Zona Electronica (More Soon)

Las Palmas



La Kasa - Open Sundays with Special Drink prices

The Pub

La Cava


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