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Want to know the best places to eat in Medellin? 

Medellin travelers will discover a wide variety of restaurants, cuisines and price ranges when they visit.  Everything from American chain restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Hooters and Domino's Pizza; Colombian chain restaurants like El Corral, Crepes and Waffles and Presto to one of a kind local favorites.

There are many restaurants that specialize in seafood, beef, chicken, gourmet pizzas, sushi and full service menus offering a wide variety of dishes.  Some of the best restaurants with the best prices are the small mom and pop establishments that offer local Paisa cuisine at very affordable prices. Note:  Seafood in Medellin will be a bit more expensive than it would be in a coastal town like Cartagena.  Everything must be flown in daily!

Whatever your dining pleasure, there is probably a restaurant in Medellin that serves what you are looking for.  Another great benefit of Medellin restaurants is that most of them will deliver!

You will find a few of the more popular restaurants in Medellin to give you an idea of what is available.
There are even vegetarian and other specialty restaurants in Medellin as well.

Popular Local Fare:

In many areas of Colombia, it is common to have buñuelos (deep fried corn flour balls with cheese in the dough) and arepas (rather thick corn tortillas, often made with cheese and served with butter) with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Medellin, Bogota and the central region have their own breakfast delicacy of tamales - maize and chopped pork or chicken with vegetables and eggs, steamed in banana leaves, often served with home-made hot chocolate. Arepa is also very popular in Medellin and some say Arepa got its origins in Medellin.

Empanadas, made with potato and chicken, beef or shrimp  in a pouch like yellow corn meal, are delicious and entirely different from their Mexican counterparts. Pastry is prevalent, both salty and sweet, including Pan de bono, Pan de Yuca, Pastel Gloria, Pan de Queso and Roscon. These vary in quality and it is best to ask the locals for the best niche places to indulge. Many times the small mom and pop restaurants serve the better tasting ones at much lower prices.

For lunch, especially on Sundays, you should try a sancocho de gallina (rich chicken soup, served with part of the chicken itself, rice and vegetables/salad). Sancocho is widespread throughout the country, with countless regional variants. On the coast it features fish, and is very delicious. Another soup, served in Bogotá  and the periphery, is Ajiaco (chicken soup made with three different kinds of potato, vegetables and herbs(guasca), served with rice, avocado, corn, milk cream and capers). Many places will serve a seafood soup made with coconut milk that is heavenly. I have seen more than one visitor order a second bowl.

"Bandeja Paisa (click for recipe) is common in most places in Medellin, (the "paisas" are the locals in Medellin), such as Antioquia, Caldas , Risaralda and Quindio. This includes rice, beans, fried plantain, arepa, fried egg, chorizo, chicharrón (pork crackling) with the meat still attached. It's a very fatty dish, but you can leave what you don't like, and if you're lucky enough, you could find a gourmet bandeja paisa in a good restaurant in Medellin. They are lighter and smaller. One of the best places to sample this local dish is Mondongos. There is one located in Parke Lleras as well but the original is more fun to visit.
Popular Restaurants In Medellin: (in no particular order of price, quality or cuisine) Prices in COP:

Because of Medellins temperate climate, many of the restaurants are literally open air (meaning there are no exterior walls).  Sometimes at night it can get a little chilly so long sleeve shirts or light jackets are recommended.
Note:  Most local restaurants offer a Plato Del Dia (daily special) at very reasonable prices.  Ask first!

Bar Restaurant Discoteque

Cra 38 # 26 - 41
232 7199
Prices between: $17,000 - $25,000.
Specialty: International food
Comments: Breathtaking view of Medellín especially at night, located on one of the highest hills in Medellin. It is an open air restaurant with semi private dining areas.  Service is excellent, variety of food outstanding, good wine selection and reasonably priced. Great place for taking that someone special!
Typical Colombian cuisine and other international dishes. The wait staff is very friendly.
Las Palmitas Disco is adjacent and is a popular nightspot Thursdays to Saturdays.
Open for lunch and dinner.

Cll 16 # 28 - 170
311 8350
Prices between: $17,000 - $40,000
Specialty: International and local Colombian food
Comments: Excellent beef and entertainment in the form of live horses that dance in the Fonda; Good customer service, good menu selection and the unusual entertainment makes this a fun evening to remember.
Music: Thurs. to Sat. live music by local traditional Colombian musicians and soft music piped in on other nights.

Bar - Restaurant
Address: Via Las Palmas x Transversal Inferior  Cll 14 # 30-10
312-7521 - 311-7602
Prices between: $2,000 - $42,000
Specialty: Prime Meats
Good steaks (and other dishes) and a great view of the city as well. Good wine list and bar service.
Open for lunch and dinner
Close to Las Palmitas with a similar view.

Bar Restaurant; Saki served here

Cll 16 # 30 - 145
268 6810
Prices between: $15,000 - $23,000
Specialty: Chinese Food and some of the best in Medellin
Comments: Great view; excellent service, big variety of Chinese dishes.
Music: Soft and Asian

Bar Restaurant

Calle 8a # 37a 01 Poblado/Lleras
Prices between: $9,000 - $26,000
Specialty: Authentic Northern Italian Food
Comments: Mediterranean style atmosphere; they import all their ingredients, the service is excellent. They offer a daily lunch special that includes drink (glass of wine if desired) for 10,000.
Good imported wine selection.  Some English spoken. Plan an evening to socialize.
Music: Wide variety of contemporary and jazz.

Bar Restaurant

19th Floor of the Hotel Dan Carlton in Poblado
312 - 4141
As in the US, their specialty is BBQ Ribs. Quality is up to their American base of operations.
Their  Barbecue Super Meal, of chicken, ribs and baby beef is delicious but a little pricey by local standards. Restaurant revolves.
Excellent view of the city at night; good wine and full bar selection
Monday - Saturday: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. Open for lunch and dinner.
Amex, MC, Visa accepted.  Great place for entertaining clients or someone you want to impress.
Dress is casual to "Paisa" business attire.

"When I start missing American food, I go to Tony Romas in Poblado to get a good old American slab of ribs."  A. Thompson

Bar Restaurant

Cra 43 B 11 - 51
Prices between: $24,000 - $55,000 (occasionally have a seafood buffet night)
Specialty: Sea Food.  Some of the best casual seafood dining in town.  A little pricey because the seafood is flown in fresh daily.
Comments: Small place, casual comfortable atmosphere.  Varied menus selections with daily chef specials. Fried Pargo (whole deep friend red snapper)is particularly good here.  Some menu items occasionally unavailable.
Music: Classic and contemporary.

Bar Restaurant

Cll 10 # 43 E 064
352 4585
Prices between: $12,000 - $22,000
Specialty: Typical Paisa specialties.  If you want good local cuisine to sample, this is a good place to go.
Comments: Atmosphere is of a typical Paisa finca (farm).  Good service, large portions, reasonably priced.  Daily specials.
Music: Traditional and popular Colombian Music

Bar Restaurant

Cra 30 # 7A - 310
Prices between: $17,000 - $32.000
Specialty: Authentic (well, as authentic as it gets for Col.) Chinese Food
Comments: Comfortable chinese atmosphere and outdoor dinning with a small fountain. Good service. The cooks are actually Chinese. Not a big wine selection but they do serve Saki.
Music: Asian

Cr38 8 - 08
Prices between $17,000 - $32,000
Specialty: Varied menu of beef, chicken, salads, pastas, pizza.  Filet Mignon here is excellent.
Comments:  One of our Parke Lleras favorites, this open air restaurant is also a favorite with the locals.  Go early to get a table.  Excellent service, full bar service and good wine selection.
Music: Contemporary and Popular.  Lots of 80's and 90's

Bar Restaurant

Cra 25 B # 18 A SUR 137
Prices between: $6.000 - $22.000
Specialty: Salads, Hamburgers, Sandwiches and Meats (Beef, Chicken)
Comments: Varied menu items. Various side dishes. Good service and a quiet place to talk.
Music: Classic

Bar Restaurant
Address: Cl.11 No.36-14 (Zona Rosa, Blvd. del Park 10)
268-5578;  268-5475 
Comments: Best seafood restaurant in Medellin. Food and service 5 star quality.
Formal setting with white table cloths.  No dress code. Full service bar and excellent Chilean wine selection.
It's attached to the Park 10 Hotel .

Bar Restaurant

Cra 25B #18A Sur 137 San Lucas - El Poblado
Prices between: $7.000 - $14.000
Specialty: Italian Food, Pizzas, Sandwiches, Pasta
Comments: Another of our favorite Parke Lleras restaurants.  The food is very good as is the service.  Prices are very reasonable.
Music: Soft European.

Bar Restaurant
Cra 42 # 34 - 15 Via Las Palmas
232-1632 - 232 - 1652
Prices between: $25,000 - $60,000
Specialty: Steaks, Chicken, Paella, Seafood.
Comments: Possibly the best steaks in Medellin.
Live music and shows.  Open for lunch and dinner. Busy on Sundays as it is a local favorite.
Music: Soft, contemporary, jazz
Monday - Saturday: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Sundays: 11:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bar Restaurant
Located at the main front entrance to Oviedo Mall, this upscale open air restaurant offers a wide variety
of menu items including beef, chicken, pastas and salads. Excellent appetizers. Waiters wear white aprons and the service is
excellent.  Very good large filet mignon at about $32,000 with an excellent mushroom sauce. Guaranteed Paisa beef.
It is a great place to dine and observe the smartly dressed Oviedo shoppers come and go. The people watching alone is worth the visit but the food is very good as well.

Cl.10 No.38 - 38 (El Poblado) 
312-2346 / 268 - 7003 
Our favorite Medellin restaurant serving authentic Paisa dishes at very reasonable prices.  Large portions, excellent ambiance and good service.
When you want to sample the "local fare" this is the place to go.  Good idea for everybody in your party to order something different then share.
You will walk away with your stomach full but your wallet will not be empty.

AVE MARIAS (under new ownership as Lomos)
Ave Marias has closed in Parque Lleras.  In it's place, another Lomos has opened.  Now, Lomos has probably one of the best steaks in Medellin called the Sterling Solomito. It is a huge Filet type of steak cooked to perfection and served on a sizzling plate


ThaiCo Parke Lleras.
2 for 1 beers and 3 for one mixed drink selection every night.  50% discount on many dishes between 12-7PM. Service can be spotty.  It is a very popular hangout for local young adults and is always very crowded, especially Thurs. to Sat.  Go early and stake your claim on a table. Food is good.  Thai themed but not hot and spicy like you may be used to.  Paisas are not into spicy food. Locals go there to party and socialize.

Le Bon Parke Lleras Small coffee bar type restaurant on the right as you enter the park.  Serves a good omelet, pancakes, eggs juice combo breakfast (Paisas are not know for eating American style breakfasts), daily luncheon specials. Good early morning place for coffee and chatting with friends. Owner speaks some English and is very friendly.  Has WIFI

Felipes  On the right hand side of 'Calle 9 at Cra 42 two blocks before you enter the park.  It is a local expat favorite hang out.  Small restaurant with outside seating.  Daily specials of local cuisine.  Fried Pargo rivals any restaurant in town. Owner and family operate it and they are very friendly. Just look for a bunch of gringos sitting at the same table every day having lunch. Very reasonably priced.

Empanada shop across the street from Felipes. They told me they sell about 1,500-2,000 empanadas daily. Favorite of the locals and they should know!

MU - at Cra 34 #7 - 115 Zona Rosa El Poblado. Owned and operated by a very friendly English gentleman, they probably have the best ribs in town.  In fact, Ribs are all they serve.  Rivals anything in Memphis or Kansas City

For a complete list of local restaurants see Medellin Travel Guide Restaurants
Medellin Dining
Empanadas - Chicken (de pollo) are the best
Bandea Paisa -Typical Paisa Dish
Bandeja Paisa Typical Paisa Dish
La Grappa Restaurant, Parke Lleras - Great for Lunch
Triada Restaurant, Parke Lleras - One of our Favorites
El Forno Restaurant, Parke Lleras - Great Italian
Mondongos - Great Traditional Paisa Dishes
Thai Co Restaurant, Parke Lleras - Good but Not Spicy Thai - Drink Specials
Le Bon Cafe, Parke Lleras - Best Coffee House in Lleras
Medellin Hamburgers - They are Awesome
Best Crepes in Medellin
Besides the ever popular Filet Mignon, which is served in many restaurants, you are going to see and hear different cuts of beef than some with which you may be more familiar.  That is because Colombian meat cutters do 24 standard cuts on a beef cow whereas American butchers usually only do 8.
Best Cuts:
- #4   Filet Mignon *lomo de Res
- #10 Asado de Tira
- #12 Solomito "is a favorite"
- #9 & 8 Solomito Redondo and
             Solomito Extranjero
How do you like your steak cooked: (Como quiere/quiseria la carne?)

Well Done=Bien Asada
Medium=Tres Cuatros
Medium Rare=Medio, Medio
Rare=Un Cuatro
The Angus Brangus breed of cattle is well known for it's flavor and lean texture.  It is usually more expensive than the more common Blanco Orejinegro (meaning: white black-eared) that are of the Crillo type and come from the Antioquia region of Colombia. Colombian beef, in many peoples opinion, is as good if not better than Argentinian beef.
The cuts of Pork (Cerdo);

Lomito Fino Pork Tenderloin
Lomito o Canon Pork Roast
Chuleta Pork Chops
Tocineta Bacon
Costilla entera Full Ribs
Costilla Tiras baby Back Ribs
Jamon Ham
Chicken Pollo

Legs Piernas
Breast Pechuga
Boneless Breast Pechuga sin
Thigh Calda

Lechuga Lettuce
Tomate Tomato
Papas Potatoes
          Fried-Fritas or Francais
Broccoli Broccoli
Asparagus Asparagus
Carrot Zanahoria
Peas Arvehas
Spinach Espinaca
Onion Cebola
Green Pepper Pemiente Verde
Mushroom Championes
Beet Remolacha

In most Italian restaurants, you will recognize the food because they use the Italian terms for their dishes.
Pescado Fish (many different types)
Camarones Shrinp
Langostino Lobster
Cangreja (Cahn-gray-ha) Crab
Mejillion Mussels
Almeja Clam
Pulpo Octopus
Caracol Snail
How about some Breakfast?

Paisas are not know to be traditional American breakfast eaters.  Their breakfast usually consist of Arepa, possibly an egg or Buenelos.

If you want a decent breakfast resembling something like you would get in the US;

Le Bon Parke Lleras.  Their Canadeinese and Americano are very good.  Omelets are not bad.

Desayuno On Calle 10 in Lleras. Serves good pancakes and Omelets;

B&D Second floor of Portofino on Ave. Poblado.  Decent omelets, pancakes and breakfast sandwiches.

Of course, there is always McDonalds next to Oviedo

Eggs Huevos
Scrambled Revueltos
Over easy. Enterior con Jama Blanda (most likely the yolk will not be runny.  They just do not cook them that way here.)
Ensaladas Salads
You will find a variety in Medellin.  Note: be careful of salad bars.  They will charge per trip and rarely is it all you can eat.

You will find a full range of different types of wines in Medellin.  Those imported from Europe or the US are more expensive than those imported from Latin America (Mercosur) countries.  Excellent selection of Chilean wines at affordable prices.

Aguila Light
Club Colombia

Many restaurants will also serve Heniken, Budwiser, Bud Light and a few other imported brands.
Soft Drinks; (gaseousa)

Coca Cola Normal
Coca Cola Light
Pepsi/Pepsi Light
Postobon Manzanas (very popular)
Sprite, 7 Up and other local favorites
Agua (with and without gas. Make sure to
         ask Con gas/Sin gas)
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Beef cuts in Medellin
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Why not take a tour of the best local places to dine for truly local Paisa cuisine?  Contact Medellin City Tours today.  They know where the best of the best local restaurants can be found.