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What Clothing to Pack for Medellin

Medellin Colombia  Fashion

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Last Updated:12/15/15
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Attire is very casual in Medellin.  It ranges from dressed down casual to fashionably casual in the more upscale neighborhoods like Poblado and Tessoro but casual none the less.

For men:

Jeans, Dockers, T shirt, polo shirt, casual cotton short or long sleeve shirts; Country club casual works fine.

Tennis shoes, loafers or regular street shoes.

Baseball caps are worn by many.

The only ties or coats and ties you see are worn by office, casino and some mall workers.

Rarely do you see shorts, sandals or flip flops except on the backpacking crowd.

These guidelines pretty much apply to daytime or nighttime activities for guys. Wearing shirt tails out is very common.

For the ladies:

You probably do not have to buy anything special (too bad).

Jeans, pants, cotton tops (many times layered but accentuating cleavage), light sweater tops, fashionable belts and accessories;

Shoes range from tennis shoes to fashionable boots.(this is also a good place to buy shoes as many are manufactured locally. (Good news.) 

You do not see many skirts or dresses except on office, casino and some mall workers although short skirts are worn by younger adults.

At night, the ladies are more inclined to dress up especially if they are going clubbing or to discos.  Again, there is a major emphasis on plunging necklines and displays of cleavage. (don't mean to be sexest here, just letting you know how the local ladies dress). You will not see a lot of sweat pants, baggy sweat shirts, ruffled hair or ladies without makeup.  Usually, nails are well manicured.

Although Medellin is considered a conservative town, the Paisa women are proud of their god given assets. Many of them have been enhanced and are proud to show off their results.

Medellin clothing sizes tend to follow the international sizing conventions.  In this chart it would be the continental sizes.
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