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To begin with, there are so many Discos in Medellin that it would take quite a while to visit all of them.  When you consider that most of them are only open Thursdays through Sundays, the problem of visiting all of them is further exacerberated.

None the less, we decided to visit one of the smaller clubs called Cienega (see' - in - ah - gah) in Sabaneta
Cra 43 A No 49 Sur 11 Via Enviagdo Sabaneta
100 Mts past La clinica del la Policia.

It is not a huge Disco like Palmahias but is rather a small quaint disco in the Zona Sur, Sabaneta area of Medellin.  First of all, there was no cover charge (which was a nice change) and the drinks were very reasonable compared to the larger clubs (another nice surprise).

The crowd seemed mostly like Sabaneta locals and a lot of people seemed to know each other.  It was kind of like a gathering for a neighborhood party at a friends house but with all the light shows and huge sound systems.

The manager was very accommodating with us taking photos and videos of the evening and even encouraged the regular patrons to pose for us.

The big draw of the evening was supposed to be a Wet-T-Shirt contest but it really turned out to be a Wet T Shirt exhibition by one of the featured dancers.  It was pretty tame but a lot of cell phone cameras got a lot of use during the show. 

Overall, we give this local Sabaneta Club the MTG seal of approval.  It was a nice change of pace from the huge, overcrowded venues and we were made to feel very welcome
Club Cienaga Medellin Colombia
Club Cienaga Paisas Dancing
Paisa Girls at Club Cienaga
Beautiful Medellin Girl at Club Cienaga
Lovely Paisa Girl at Club Cienaga Medellin Colombia
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