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Last Updated:12/16/15
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Although you are still advised to use use an ATM for cash in Medellin, perhaps your Medellin vacation fund is in cash or you just prefer to exchange travelers checks, dollars, Euros, Pounds or whatever currency.

Most Medellin Hotels can exchange money for you (although not usually at the best rates) as well as official cambios at the airport.  Many banks also offer exchange services and the city is literally dotted with Government approved cambios
. There is usually a fee of .8 to 1.5% or more, depending on the world exchange rate posted that day.  Some Cambios have a morning and afternoon exchange rate postings depending on the mid day currency market changes. Do not expect to get market exchange rates. They will use the Colombian TRM exchange rate.

If you are staying in the Poblado area of Medellin, there are several cambios close by including one in Oviedo Mall.

CAMBIAMOS S.A. Cr 43A 6S 145  Teléfonos : (57) (4) 3253140

ALIANZA JURÍDICA DINAR EXPRESS Cl 10 42 45 Of 334 Parke lleras area.

CAMBIO Y CAMBIOS Cr 43A 34 95 Int 233

You will need a copy of your passport.  There is usually a daily limit of approximately $2,000 USD or equivalent.  You will be finger printed.

Most cambios readily exchange USD and some exchange Euros and Pounds.  Best to call first to make sure they can exchange your currency.

Do not ever exchange money with people in the streets.  A lot of their currency is counterfeit; there are quick change scams where you wind up missing a few large bills; sometimes they will just rob you.
Currency conversion:  Todays exchange rate.
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