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Last Updated:12/15/15
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Medellin Buses

This is still my favorite way of getting around Medellin but if I am in a hurry, I will take a taxi.

The bus system in Medellin is perhaps the least expensive method of local paid transportation. About 1,800 pesos (.60 cents). There are a few pitfalls to be leery of though before you decide to ride on one;

The Cons:
·Their routes can be confusing if you do not know the city well.  Although they have their destinations posted on large signs and painted on their front windows, it can still be difficult to know if you are getting on one that will let you off close to your final destination. Best to make your first few trips with a local.
·Sometimes you must take two or more buses to get to where you want to go.  You must know where to get off to catch your connecting bus.
·Most of the buses are not air conditioned.  It is not bad in the cool hours of the day but can get rather warm in the afternoons.
·They make lots of frequent stops and arrival at your final destination may take much longer than you planned.
·They can be bumpy and the seats are not that comfortable in the first place. Leg room for taller people is almost non existent. Some of the drivers are maniacs. You may be forced to stand if the bus is crowded.

The Pros:( I ride them all the time)
·They are a very inexpensive method of getting around the city. About 1,800 COP.
·You meet some very friendly people that will help you if you need it.
·They are a great way to see the city as you are higher above other vehicles.
·If there is an accident, the bus will always win…LOL!

Travelers tips:  You can get change for larger bills but they prefer smaller denominations.


Privately operated buses that take tours to various parts of the city.  These are not air conditioned but are much more comfortable; stop only at designated, parks, museums and other attractions; and, return you to your point of origin when the tour is finished.

One leaves Parke Poblado every morning at 9:00AM and generally returns by 1:00PM, then makes the same tour from 1:00 to 5:00PM. Great way to see the sights of the city, comfortably and inexpensively.

Calle 9c Sur No.50ff 97 (El Parque de Poblado)

It is an option for touring the city, and one of the easiest ways to get around Medellin.
Current TURIBUS schedule from 9:00am to 1:00pm and 1:00 PM to 5:00pm.
The outstanding tourist places where the circuits start are:
El Parque del Poblado, Plaza Botero, and Parque de los Pies Descalzos.
Buy your tickets at the TURIBUS buses.
You get special discounts in museums, restaurants, shopping and others sites of interest in the city, showing your TURIBUS ticket.
They offer special programs for groups.
Adult’s price $12,000COP
The elderly’s price $10.000 (more than 60 years)
Child’s price $10.000 (between 4 to12)

Then of course, there are the infamous Chiva rides!

If you happen to be with a group, one very fun thing to do is hire a Chiva.  This is an age old tradition all over Colombia but very well known in Cartagena and Medellin.  It is essentially a PARTY BUS!

Groups of family, friends, co workers, class mates etc. will hire a Chiva for an evening of partying, drinking and listening to loud music.  The Chiva takes a pre determined route through the city (like along the riverfront during Christmas lighting time). There is usually a lot of drinking, a live traditional Colombian music group on board, gaudy lights, noisemakers and more.  It is just a safe way to have a rolling party.  People along the route usually cheer on the revelers and wish them much fun.

They will make a stop or two along the way for badly needed bathroom breaks.  It is usually at a small tienda somewhere.  Make sure you buy something small from the store owner as a token of your appreciation for letting you use his bathroom. Some may have pay bathroom stalls and a purchase is not expected.

Traveler Tips:  If you are taking your video or digital camera at night, make sure you have your flash or light attachment.  It can be dark inside.

Domestic Bus Travel

Bus travel between major Colombian cities is possible;  Expresos Brasilia Bolivariano and ExpressoPalmiranda. Travel time over principal routes from Bogotá: Medellin (10 hrs.), Cali (12 hrs.), Barranquilla (20 hrs.).  It is a great way to see the beautiful countryside and mountains of Colombia.  They are considered safe between major cities. Cost between Bogota and Medellin is approximately $49.000COP.

You can catch a bus to almost any destination at the Caribe  Metro station (terminal Norte) when you exit the station.Terminal Sur provides busses to southerly destinations.  Located next to the domestic airport.

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Medellin Chiva Bus
Medellin Chiva
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