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Enjoy reading?  We know that we do!  There have been many books (over 8,000) written about Colombia;  Its violent history, art, culture, treasures, politics, civil war, agriculture, birds, cooking, Spanish rule, independence and more.

Here are a few books we recommend before or even after your visit to get acquainted with Medellin Colombia and Colombia in general.

Perhaps the most chilling character in Medellins history has to be Pablo Escobar.  He was known as the ruler of the Medellin Drug Cartel, waged a war against local police, military and politicians, was named as Forbes 7th richest man, served as a Representative in the Colombian House of Representatives and was ultimately tracked down and killed by Colombian Military, DEA and US Delta Team forces tracking his cell phone calls to his family.  Perhaps no other book describes his background and ultimate demise more so than, Killing Pablo.  Highly recommended reading!

Most visitors to Medellin and Colombia know very little about the 54 year old Civil War that has rocked this country with violence.  Understanding the FARC, Paramilitaries, AUN, kidnappings, bombings, killing judges and more.  What is this whole deal about. Ceasefire announced for Jan. 2016.

BETWEEN LEGITIMACY AND VIOLENCE: A History of Colombia, 1875-2002
Marco Palacios' Between Legitimacy and Violence: A History of Colombia, 1875-2002 is an analysis of how social, economic, and political conditions combined to create a hyperviolent outburst that has reverberated like shockwaves through Colombia's history. Palacios, a leading Latin American expert, organizes his work according to relevant historical events instead of the strict chronological sequence usually used in histories of Colombia. This technique allows readers to concentrate on the events, essentially grasping the relevance and impact of each.
Also available in a 430 word essay summary.

Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights in Colombia (KELLOGG INST INT'L S) (Paperback)

Inside Colombia: Drugs, Democracy and War (Paperback)
by Grace Livingstone
Book Description
Colombia is home to the longest running guerrilla war in this hemisphere, a war that has evolved into a multisided conflict. Over fifty years ago guerrilla leaders launched their campaign to overthrow the government in the wave of Latin American revolutionary movements. While such movements in other countries from that era have negotiated settlements or suffered defeat, in Colombia two major guerrilla groups soldier on, at times in competition with each other. In the intervening years, these groups have been joined by new antagonists who sometimes strike alliances, though rivalry generally prevails. Drug traffickers, right wing paramilitary squads, government police units, Colombia's armed forces, and U.S. advisor's, among others, have all joined the fray.
Why has Colombia's internal war become so entrenched? Why have peace efforts failed to produce durable agreements? Why has Colombia's long standing democracy experienced such glaring failures? Who should be held accountable for the violence suffered by the Colombian people? Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights in Colombia addresses these pressing questions and delves deeply into the underlying politics and bedrock human rights issues in Colombia. Authored by leading Colombian and U.S. scholars, the chapters examine Colombia's attempts at negotiating peace, the weakening of political institutions, patterns of violence, and human rights politics. Contributors also consider the influential role played by the United States and the impact of drugs on politics.
For scholars, this timely collection provides a theoretical understanding of human rights violations, corruption, political fragmentation, and reform. Policy makers will find careful analysis and debate about policy outcomes and alternatives, as well as recommendations for action to protect rights, strengthen democracy, and pursue peace. Students will find a route to understanding the history and dynamics of Colombia's contemporary challenges of human rights, democracy, and peace.

From the Back Cover
"This excellent volume provides not only an introduction to the difficult issues of peace, democracy, and human rights in Colombia; it also offers a series of very intelligent and provocative discussions of these issues. The authors make use of a wide variety of primary and secondary sources that will be of interest to scholars, policy makers, and the growing number of general readers interested in the direction of U.S. foreign policy."  John C. Dugas, Kalamazoo College

In depth book on the period known as La Violencia: Medellin
Blood and Fire: La Violencia in Antioquia, by Mary Roldan and Mary Roldán

Colombia Travel Books

Colombia in Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series)

Lonely Planet Colombia

Arts and Culture:

Botero By Fernando Botero

Religion, Society, and Culture in Colombia: Antioquia and Medellin 1850-1930 (Oxford Historical Monographs) by Patricia Londono-Vega (Hardcover - May 24, 2002)  Note:  Expensive Hardcover book. Over $200.

Suprema Bondad Jose Miguel Yepes (Available in English in PDF format on the website) Inspirational, poetry and thoughts of the author over a 14 year period inspired by Kahil Gibran and Prem Rawat. Miguel Yepes has also authored over 8 books on chess and other topics.

Kings of Cocaine Inside the Medellin Cartel an Astonishing True Story of Murder Money and International Corruption
Read a good book on Colombia?  Tell us about it and we will add it to our recommended reading list.
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There have been many books written about Colombia.  Here are some you may find of interest.
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