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Hostels provide accommodations where guests can rent a bed, sometimes a bunk bed  in a dormitory  and share a bathroom, kitchen and lounge. Rooms can be mixed or single sex, although private rooms are increasingly common in all types of hostels. All hostels are generally cheaper for both the operator and the occupant; many hostels employ their long term residents as desk clerks in exchange for free or reduced price accommodations.

A bed and breakfast normally provides a private bedroom and private or shared bathroom with breakfast or other meals included. Many Bed and Breakfasts charge as much if not sometimes more than a hotel for a room for the night and include many similar amenities. AirBnB is very popular in Medellin.

You will find a list of locally advertised Bed And Breakfasts but many will also show up on the Hostel page.  The biggest difference seems to be price and B&B's rarely offer dormitory style accommodations! Beyond those differentiators, it is all marketing.
Whats the difference between a B&B, and a Hostel? (Hostal or Hostales in Spanish).

Seems as though the owners are having difficulties themselves distinguishing what they are to a given market. Many bill themselves as both and use key words on their web sites to that effect. Many B&B's are also labeling themselves as Hotels and vice versa so the confusion deepens even further.
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Hostel Tamarindo Medellin Colombia
When I first moved to Medellin about 8 years ago, there were only a handful of hostels and most were located in the El Poblado area of town.  Now, it seems like there are 3-4 on every block in El Poblado and hundreds spread throughout the rest of the city.  Parque Lleras used to be the "In Place" to go for the local residents.  Then the gringo influx began happening and locals referred to it as "Parque Gringo".  Now, with the abundance of hostels in the area, the locals call it "Parque Backpacker"  Many even refer to the visitors as "hippies" because of their shorts, flip flops, long hair and untidy look. They also consider them to be very cheap, poor tippers and only interested in drugs and the beautiful girls here.  Don't get me wrong.  They have as much right as any traveler to visit and enjoy their stay in Medellin and more power to them for doing so. It would probably go a long way in their reception with the locals if they cleaned up their act a little though!! JMHO!
Juan Carlos Mejia- Medellin Dentist
Juan Carlos Mejia