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Babylon Discoteca has re-opened in Parque Lleras

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Last Updated:1/04/15
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Babylon Disco and Night Club-Medellin,Colombia
By Medellin standards, Babylon is one of the smaller Discos. The new Babylon has opened in Parque Lleras

Open Thursday through Sunday from 9:30 (sometimes 9:45 to 10:00), on Thursday nights it is one of the more popular discos in Medellin for two very good reasons;

1) Ladies pay 10,000 and drink free till 1AM; (Thursday Nights)

2) Guys pay $30,000 pesos for all they can drink.

Now, we are not talking top shelf brands here but they do serve Beer, Aguardiente, Rum, cokes, water and other mixers, fresh sliced Mango, fresh popcorn and have a surprisingly attentive wait staff for an all you can drink event.

The local Paisas know a deal when they see one and although the Disco does not really even get going until around midnight, there is a Rhumba feeling in the atmosphere.

The DJ starts a mix of popular contemporary and local favorites building to a crescendo of Reggaeton, Electronica and Crossover.

By midnight, the locals, fueled by lots of available alcohol, are dancing on the tables, bars, in the aisles and anywhere they can find a small space to gyrate to the non-stop music.

People are friendly and most will willingly accept an invitation to dance if asked.

If you need a break from the mega discos with their loud soundsystems, mega prices and huge crowds, you might want to give Babylons a try some Thursday evening.  At least you can hear yourself talk with your friends.

You might even make some new ones along the way.
Babylon Disco and Nightclub
Babylon Disco Medellin Colombia
Club Babylon
Medellin Colombia Club Babylon
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