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There is a lot to see and do in Medellin depending upon how long you have to visit the city.

First on your list has to be a visit to Botero Plaza to see the famous Botero Sculptures.  While you are there, you may as well take an hour or so and visit the Museum (Museo) de Antioquia adjacent to the park. Bring your camera but keep it strapped to your wrist.

Since you are already downtown, you might as well stroll through the multitude of street vendors, Palacio Nacional and El Hueco shopping areas.  Take your time, stop, have a coffee or cold beverage, a bite to eat and just take in the ambiance of being in El Centro.  Do be on your guard as it can be crowded and many petty thefts take place (just like any other large city).

If it is a typical beautiful day in Medellin, you might want to ride the Cable Metro up the mountainside to take in the beautiful vistas of looking out over Medellin.  At the top, feel free to walk around the area close to the metro station and brouse through the shops, have a coffee or cold beverage and enjoy the afternoons beautiful scenery.

Note: It is recommended that you depart the El Centro area before dark for your safety.

If you have a day and would like to get out of the city, a visit to El Penol rock at Guatape is worth the trip.  You can hire a private tour guide for the trip. Plan to make frequent stops along the way at La Fe Reservoir, Fizebed farms to see the orchids, make a stop at El Tequendamita waterfalls, buy some hand made and painted pottery in Carmen de Viboral, have lunch in Rio Negro (excellent place to buy handcrafts of all kinds and taste traditional dishes).  If you go inside the Banco Santander museum there, you can see the crown delivered to Simon Bolivar, The Liberator, in La Paz, Bolivia. In the next small town of Marinilla, you can watch guitars and other stringed instruments being made.

The Lake (which is actually a man made reservoir created by flooding the old town) itself is beautiful but the "Rock" jutting out of the earth, where it does not seem it should belong is something to behold.  Climb to the top via stairs, taking your time along the way for some photos, of some breath taking views of the surrounding valley.  There is also a walkway pier along the lake and boats, water bicycles and ferries equipped with music that can be rented to take a tour of the waters. Book through Medellin Travel Guide today!

Pueblito Paisa, Located in the center of Medellin, is a quaint historic traditional pueblito and is a great place to see what life was like in Medellin 100 years ago.  The entire pueblito was built in the 40's and is maintained in it's original form including houses, a church, a museum, restaurants and shops.  Taste local Paisa dishes, buy handcrafted art works and stroll the city.  Good place to have your camera. Any taxi in the city can get you there.

You might also want to consider a day at the local zoo where they have over 1,000 species of animals, many indigenous only to Colombia; A day at the Parque de las Aguas (Water Park),
a visit to Estadia, the local stadium and Atanasio Girardot sports complex (has a large Olympic sized swimming pool, tennis courts and more).

Of course, if you are visiting in January, a night at the Bullfights in La Macarena Show Center is a unique experience;
Attending a local Futbol Game, shopping in any of the local upscale malls, visiting museums, the botanical gardens, local parks or just walking around the city make Medellin a fun place to visit.
El Penol Rock
Lake Penol
El Penol Rock
Cable Metro
Botero Plaza
Feria de la Taurina -BullFights

Cabalgata 2013-Feria de las Flores
A Day in Santa Fe De Antioquia
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What would a visit to Medellin be without a day experiencing the life and death of the worlds most infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar.  Visit his grave, see where he met with his end, see how he lived.
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El Penol Lake Tours
Lake Penol Guatape Antioquia Colombia
Aquarium at Parque de Deseos Medellin Colombia
Puente de Occidente Santa Fe de Antioquia

Tours of Medellin Colombia
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Let Medellin Travel Guide help you see and do all that you want to during your visit to Medellin.  English speaking tour guides with private cars at your disposal.  From Airport pick ups, Pablo Escobar tours, visits to neighboring El Penol and Guatape to nightlife tours to all the best Medellin Hot Spots.  Your safety and security is our primary interest. E-mail us today and tell us what you would like to do when you visit Medellin.
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