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Medellin Colombia ATMs

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Planning to use your ATM card when you visit Medellin? You will get better exchange rates than changing cash or travelers checks at a cambio!

There are convenient ATM's (called ATH's or Cajeros in Medellin) all over Medellin.  In Banks, Malls, Grocery Stores, Casinos, restaurants and more.  Most of them support the more popular networks like Cirrus, Plus, Maestro, MasterCard and many others. Most also have an English and Spanish language option.

Different ATMs have different per transaction limits of usually 400,000-500,000 COP.  You can do multiple transactions up to the daily limit allowed by your bank.

A few hints on using ATM's in Medellin;

Only withdraw what you will need on a daily basis;

Only carry 1 or 2 ATM/Debit/Credit Cards

Only make withdrawls from ATM's in well lit areas and preferably places with on site security;

Keep your paper receipt;

Count your money; Check your balance on line to make sure only one transaction occurred.

Make sure that your transaction has ended and the machine is ready for the next customer....not asking you if you want another transaction!

The Citibank ATM on Ave. Poblado will allow you multiple transactions of 2,000,000 up to your daily withdrawl limit with your bank
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We have given this advice to Medellin Travelers for years but are still astounded at how many bring cash to exchange at a cambio.  As an experiment, we went with a friend to a cambio to help him exchange some money.  The Peso was at $3,080 that day but he only got $2,720 for his dollars. We then went to an ATM where he withdrew 500,000 pesos.  He got 2,980:1USD.  He never exchanged money again during his visit.....!