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Medellin Antioquia Colombia
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Medical Tourism on the rise in Latin America
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With the Colombian peso hovering around 3,200:1USD, there is no better time to visit Medellin than now.  A year ago, the peso was at 2,000:1 so almost everything is 30% less expensive for the foreign traveler. Local prices have not increased substantially as the inflation rate has remained around 4%.

Yes, I used to divide everything in pesos by 2 now I divide by 3. IE 18,000 pesos used to be $9.00 now it is only $6.00. So, what are you waiting for?  You can no longer use the "cost" as an excuse!

                                                        Link to todays exchange rate.

Remember, use your ATM card rather than changing money at a cambio.  You will get a better exchange rate.
Medellin Travel Guide-Update; Medellin Travel Guide was launched 7 years ago as the premier web site about Medellin Colombia in English on the internet.  Since then, many newcomers have entered the scene and it has become a crowded environment.  Maintaining a 125 page web site has proven to be a large chore so starting next year, we will begin deleting many of our pages and links where others have filled the void and specialize in certain areas. One obvious area is for accommodations.  There are many web sites catering to people looking for Medellin accommodations from hotels, furnished apartments, hostels and more.  Also, with sites like Air Band B, trying to keep up with all the various options has become an insanely time consuming effort.  MTG will step aside and let them dominate the accommodations space as they promote their own business efforts.